The Happisburgh Bell


The Norfolk Bell at Happisburgh

Under development - the community is currently raising the funds to install the bell.
This North Norfolk location been chosen by the artist for its many unique qualities.
The beauty of this stretch of coastline is only matched by its long history of human habitation and its battle with change and the forces of nature.

The oldest human footprints ever found outside of Africa were discovered here on Happisburgh beach.
900,000 years ago the North sea was a land mass connecting Britain to main land Europe.
The bell is planned to be sited on the stretch of beach called 'Low light' as this once was the place of one of the village's light houses. The light house was demolished in 1883. The bell is to form another warning about the forces of nature.

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The Happisburgh bell: a new concept, coming soon

After a long period getting funding and developing the design, the Happisburgh bell is at last taking real shape. Shown below is the radically different structure on which it will be mounted - a sled. Made of oak, it is a response to the continual erosion of the Happisburgh coastline, at somewhere around two to […]

Life between the tides ...
We have half the bell but...

... but we need to raise the funds to install the bell. We currently have about £5,000 but we need about ten more at least to have the structure holding the bell to be fabricated and then for it to be installed securely on the beach.

Registered Company No: 11575853
Charity No: 1182967
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