Learning at home

During the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus, we would like to offer parents, carers, school teachers and anyone involved with children an opportunity to take part in daily learning outside. Each of the activities you see below have been written and/or tested by us. It gives your children a chance to do something outdoors, and in some cases indoors.

Please be sure to comply 100% with Government guidelines, on the amount of time spent outdoors, social distancing, and more.

Keep safe… and keep loving learning.

Nature Wind Chime

You will need: During your day walk or time in your garden you can collect, 5 large shells or pieces of wood or 5 things that make a noise when you knock them together. Some string, two reasonably sturdy twigs, a little glue, a drill (to make holes in your collected objects. During your daily […]

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Colour mixing

This is a favourite for the children I work with, even the older ones! You will need: 3 colours of water (ideally yellow, red and blue). The easiest way to do this is to use food colouring and water and mix them together, but paint and water works just as well. 6 cups (3 with […]

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Making Rainbows

It might be the Easter holidays, but as lockdown continues, so do we. We will continue to post a daily activity through the holidays, as well as at the weekends. Enjoy!You will need: a sheet of white paper, a small mirror, a glass of water, a small bowl of water, a CD, and (not necessary […]

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Rainbow flowers

You will need: Coloured food dye (most strong colours work: red, blue, purple, green, orange), 2 cups per flower, a pair of scissors, as many flowers as you want to try (we tried this with tulips, daffodils and lilies we had been sent in the post - they all worked well).Pop a little food colouring […]

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Garden animal hunt

Beautiful weather expected up and down the country this weekend, perfect for a little bug hunting! You will need: If you have one, a magnifying glass or clip on microscope. A piece of paper and a pencil Download our garden animal spotting chart and use it to find the animals listed. How many can you find?Chose the […]

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Tree rubbings

You will need: leaves (a few different shapes and patterns is helpful, but not essential), crayons, thin paper. During your walk or in your garden, collect a few leaves of various sizes and shapes. Ideally 4-6. Position the left so it is upside down (botton up with the veins facing you) on a hard, flat […]

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