Learning at home

During the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus, we would like to offer parents, carers, school teachers and anyone involved with children an opportunity to take part in daily learning outside. Each of the activities you see below have been written and/or tested by us. It gives your children a chance to do something outdoors, and in some cases indoors.

Please be sure to comply 100% with Government guidelines, on the amount of time spent outdoors, social distancing, and more.

Keep safeā€¦ and keep loving learning.

Garden or window Bird Spotting

If you sit very quietly at a window, you might see some garden birds. There are two RSPB resources that can help you with this: the online bird identifier and the bird spotter worksheet. Put a timer on for 10 minutes and then place a tick next to each bird you see. Can you do […]

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Nature art

You will need: Paper, glue and possibly paints and a paint tray if you want to extend this activity. Head into the garden or to your local green space (or beach) whilst you are doing your daily exercise and collect anything you think looks interesting. For green spaces - lots of different flowers, petals fallen […]

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You will need: Bicarbonate of soda, Vinegar, a spade.Handy but not necessary; a pipette, 2 different colours of paint Use your spade to make a little mud volcano shape in the garden. Make a little well in the top of the volcano and pour a little bicarb into the well. If you have a pipette […]

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Hamma pictures

You will need: paper or a square of pale coloured fabric, 1 piece of kitchen towel, a hammer and sellotape. This will need to be done on a flat, hard surface. Go and collect some brightly coloured flowers (pansies, marigolds, grape hyacinths work well) and a couple of interesting shaped leaves. Place them carefully on […]

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Making a bird feeder

Its raining here today and the data suggest it might be in lots of parts of the country. A great day to hunt for worms! In case you want to stay inside, during the rain, here is a simple activity you might enjoy (it will also help with our activity on Thursday! You will need: […]

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Nature Tie Dying

You will need: A large tray (or washing up bowl), some water, grass, flowers or mud! An old white or cream t-shirt/vest/top. Some string. A saucepan, some salt (1/4 cup). A hammer or food processor. Cut 3 long pieces of string. Screw your top into a ball and use the 3 pieces of string to […]

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