Learning at home

During the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus, we would like to offer parents, carers, school teachers and anyone involved with children an opportunity to take part in daily learning outside. Each of the activities you see below have been written and/or tested by us. It gives your children a chance to do something outdoors, and in some cases indoors.

Please be sure to comply 100% with Government guidelines, on the amount of time spent outdoors, social distancing, and more.

Keep safe… and keep loving learning.

Making a balance scale

This was a great little activity - there was some working through frustration, but we all worked as a team and learned a lot in the process. Depending on your nature collection, knot tying and finances, you may want to vary the materials... You will need: plenty of string, a longish straights stick, somewhere to […]

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Marshmallow catapult

This is great fun! Building on our sweetie structures yesterday, we are going to build a marshmallow catapult! It gets the brain moving and is great for small and big kids! You will need: Jumbo Marshmallows (around 4), Mini Marshmallows (these will be your launchers), Wooden Skewers or cocktail sticks (7), Lightweight spoon (we used […]

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Sweetie structures

You will need: sweets (marshmallows or gumdrops/fruit pastels work well), cocktail sticks (garden sticks would do if the ends are pointy enough to work). We set a timer and made as many 2d shapes as we could. Then, we put some 3D shapes into the table and tried to make those. Finally, we made anything […]

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Free activity pack!

Inspired by Patrick a Arkham’s book, ‘Wild Child’ there is a free family activity pack for you to download here. A great holiday resource, enjoy!

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Seeing sound waves

This is a great little experiment! You'll see the sound making the grains of rice move and jump so much! You will need: A big bowl, cling film, uncooked grains of rice (or rainbow sprinkles), a metal pan and a metal spoon. Pull the cling film tightly over the bowl.  (One piece, as tight as […]

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Musical Jars

You will need: 5 glass jars (or glasses/cups) that are the same shape and size, some water for pouring, a spoon/fork, a ruler. It is sometimes helpful to add a little food colouring too, but this is not essential. Line the jars up and gently tap each one with the metal spoon/fork. They should make […]

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