Learning at home

During the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus, we would like to offer parents, carers, school teachers and anyone involved with children an opportunity to take part in daily learning outside. Each of the activities you see below have been written and/or tested by us. It gives your children a chance to do something outdoors, and in some cases indoors.

Please be sure to comply 100% with Government guidelines, on the amount of time spent outdoors, social distancing, and more.

Keep safe… and keep loving learning.

The big butterfly count!

Good morning! Today is the big butterfly count! It's a great little activity and you and your child(ren) will be taking part in a wonderful citizen science project. You need to download the spotting chart or get the free app and then sit somewhere for 15 minutes and record all the butterflies you see. If […]

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Identifying bumble bees

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust have been working on a way to help you identify bumble bees. Its a nice activity in a woodland or in your garden... we were really surprised at how many different types you can spot!You can work through the online quiz to identify a bumblebee here. You can use the spotter […]

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Nature bracelet

Good morning. We are big fans of mud and bloom boxes in this house. Todays activity is from their blog. It is a make your own nature bracelet. A lovely way to keep small (and big!) children entertained on a nature walk! Enjoy!

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Fizzing colour blocks

Depending on how many of these you make, you might need to repeat this a few times - we made two colours each time, by splitting the mix in half. You will need: vinegar, and ice cube tray, food colouring, 1 cup of baking soda. 1/4 cup of water, 1 tsp of clear gelatine. Mix […]

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Sediment Jar

You will need: Clear jar (glass or plastic - we used the one from the experiment on monday), soil, spade, waterFind a place to scoop up some soil. Make sure it is okay to take the soil from this spot. {Don’t dig up your pretty flowers.} Choose a spot that will have various kinds of […]

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DIY wormery

This is a great little activity and works if you like by mudflats (for lug worms and rag worms) as well as worms in your garden. Just replace the soil and sand with seaside sand and mud! You will need: An empty jar (larger the better), 1/4 cup of gravel per jar, dirt, sand, leaves […]

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