The Covid-19 virus and coastal towns

The thinktank The Centre for Towns has recently published a report called The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our towns and cities. The Centre is 'an independent non-partisan organisation dedicated to providing research and analysis of our towns. Whilst our cities receive a good deal of attention, we believe that there should be equal […]

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Citizen Science - The story continues

A virtual meeting was held on march 23, between the MBA team, Time and Tide Bell team, and some of those who had attended the workshops. The first point was obvious - the radical changes to life in the UK due to the coronavirus epidemic have had a big impact on the project, taking place […]

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Climate change and the bells

Most people reading this will probably know that there is a substantial, growing and deeply committed group of artists whose work aims to have a focus in some form on climate change. Whether it can be read as a cry of pain (e.g. the observation that ‘scientists can shout, artists can scream’) or as a […]

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